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"I have chronic aliments that can leave me in daily pain. My medical doctor presented choices I tried again and again resulting in no overall gains. I was referred to Heights Chiropractic & Wellness by a family member. The treatment I receive from the doctors has given me my life back. The treatment allows my body to experience instant relief, healthy, natural healing and overall gains in my well-being. It gives me the opportunity to take an active role in my body's healing and assists me in preventing further damage. The chiropractic care I receive from the doctors is medically sound, practical, economical, gentle and noninvasive. I feel the staff at Heights Chiropractic & Wellness truly care about my health and make every effort to help me. I'm fortunate to have found them."

- C.B.

"I had severe low back pain. Sometimes shooting into my leg. The pain was sharp and I could not go to work. I was able to get an appointment the same day. Now I don't have back pain and I can go to work. I am very happy with my treatment here!"

- J.T.

"After my car accident I suffered with constant headaches, neck and back pain. I took a lot of pain medication. It was hard to sit, stand, walk and I had lots of trouble sleeping. Now my headaches are rare and my overall health is improving thanks to the staff here. I enjoy life a lot more!"

- L.P.

"Now I can play with my grandson. Bending is not painful and I have better range of motion."

- M.B.

"I would not hesitate to refer anyone, whether they are having problems or not. Even if they are feeling okay, with chiropractic they will feel better."

- S.K.

"Stress was causing my back and chest pain. I had no idea chiropractic could calm my nerves. Now I have more energy and sleep better!"

- R.M.


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