Are You A Bad Driver in Columbia Heights?

Are You A Bad Driver in Columbia Heights?

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You're a bad driver.

Your back aches when you drive doesn't it? If you are like most of us you probably have a nine to five job that requires some sort of commute before and after having to sit at your desk all day. If you are anything like me, when I'm stuck in traffic I get pretty bored and start to shift my positions around. Sitting in general is detrimental to the low back when it is not done with proper low back support.

How ironic is it that I work at a chiropractic office in Columbia Heights but have horrible posture? I'M A BAD DRIVER! We are all guilty of one, if not, all of the positions listed below. Go on..... tell me which one makes you a bad driver:

Driving Positions in Columbia Heights

  1. "The Side Lean": this position is where you are leaning with your elbow either on the middle console or the left arm rest. Both of these positions pre-dispose your pelvis and the lower discs in your back to uneven pressures and may lead to your pelvis becoming rotated and stuck in a painful positon

  2. "The super anxious driver": everyone has seen or knows of a driver that gets nervous with driving and so they feel the need to lean way forward to where there face is close to the steering wheel. Position causes the ligaments and joins on the back side of your low back to be stressed out, especially when this position is sustained for long periods of time. Which is why standing upright after you drive may become a painful chore.

  3. "The Leaned waaaayyy back": this positon is summed up by reclining the seat as far back as possible to where you wonder if the driver can even see their own hood of the car. This position affects the low back by putting excess pressure on your discs and facet joints of the low back. This alone may cause a disc to flare up and cause shooting low back pains.

The Fix: Don't drive..... just kidding. Sit up straight - shoulders should be in contact with the seat and should remain in contact even when you are turning-rather than being hunched forward. Your legs should have a slight bend in them. Lastly the Lumbar support should be high enough in the seat where you can feel it pressing into your low back and maintain a slight reverse C shape in your low back. If you don't have an adjustable lumbar support in your seat go purchase one, unless you like the pain. Call Heights Chiropractic & Wellness in Columbia Heights today to schedule an appointment.


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